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Business to Business Marketing – The tools we can offer and the role they play

The marketing solution for business to business communication.

We are in the Business to Business marketing game. Our clients are mostly marketing to other businesses. 90% of the prospects that contact us are marketing to other businesses.

We offer three services (Video Production, Photography and Internet Marketing) that help companies to do better marketing; all three are often seen as non essential.

 All Business to Business company’s turnover and growth depends on the success of keeping existing companies as clients and acquiring new clients, this is no big secret, but is much easier said then done.

The role of video production in Business to Business Marketing is to make sure that your sales people send out a consistent message to the market. Taken a step further and combine a corporate video into a multimedia presentation displaying the total capability of your company, you create a marketing tool that outsmart any non electronic marketing tool. All of a sudden the money you spend on video production is no longer non essential. It can become of paramount importance.

Internet marketing is not having a website, not even a state of the art website. I read an article on the new wonderful website of a company in one of the foremost marketing newsletters in South Africa. Agreed, the website, although not to my liking, use some of the latest design capabilities, but it failed my first test. I tried to reach it by searching for it on Google using their marketing punch line. It did not turn up in the first 10 results. This is money wasted. You need to anticipate what your potential customers are searching for, i.e. their core needs related to your product or services.

When you compare the distribution of trade magazines with relevant searches on the internet, you will mostly find that the internet is stating to outpace the print media. This is a worldwide trend that is not going to stop. Business to Business marketers will have to start doing something to capture this market, not in the traditional marketing way, but tuned to the habits of the online community.

Photography slots perfectly into the picture with our other two main services. Photos form the backbone of presentations of any kind. Without pictures you might as well not start. The better the picture, the better the resulting material, digital manipulation of photos will never replace good photography, it can only enhance it.

Many companies already use some of these services mostly from three different service providers. We can integrate these services with your existing marketing mix elements and turn it into a professional delivery system.

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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.

Hennie Visagie