Autorock drill rig from Minova RSA

We did a series of video productions for Minova RSA. I have adapted the scripts a little so it gives through information on their products.

Improving safety, working conditions, efficiency and excellent rock bolt performance with a simple change in equipment.

Minova RSA offers a package deal which includes the Autorock drills, the resins, cementitious grouts and pumps for the successful installation of roof bolts and cable anchors of up to 6 meters in a low stoping width or high development end.

The auturock drill rig - From 800mm to 2.5 meter

The auturock drill rig - From 800mm to 2.5 meter

Autorock rigs enable the driller to remotely operate the drill from up to 5 m away from a well supported area, reducing exposure to F.O.G whilst drilling …. In stoping widths varying from 800 mm up to 5 meters in height or in most development ends.

The driller is less exposed to noise levels and hand vibration.

The quality of the rock bolt installations is drastically improved, when compared with bolts installed using the conventional jackhammer and air leg.

The Autorock rig has built-in, fit-for-purpose, support legs or clamping cylinders, which stabilize the drill and offer temporary support whilst drilling the rockbolt hole and during installation of the bolt. This means improved safety as temporary support forms an integral part of the rig and is only removed with the rig on completion of the bolt installation. Speed and accuracy of drilling is enhanced by the rigid clamping of the unit onto the hanging wall as well the positive force exerted by the lifting cylinder in thrusting the drifter to the hanging wall.

A standard compressed air driven percussion rockdrill is fitted to the Autorock rig unit, however other rockdrills such as electric and hydro powered units can be fitted, to suit customer requirements.

Total weight of the Autorock rig is as little as 40 Kg. The operation of the unit in low stoping widths is a one-man operation. With the larger units it is advisable to make use of two men. The larger units are fitted with wheels to enable ease of transport underground.

These units offer safe and cost effective roof support drilling and installation of appropriate bolting systems in most mines. The capital layout to implement Autorocks is considerably small compared to the cost of much bigger mechanized bolters that cannot comfortably operate in conventional or semi-conventional low stoping widths . There are more than 2000 Autorock rigs in current service in the South African mines and the number is growing steadily.

Minova RSA manufactures and sells the Autorock rigs and offers full training and maintenance service. All our products are quality checked before they leave the factory and risk assessments are done according to IRCA standards.

Need more information? Please e-mail  your contact details and we will forward it to Minova RSA.

Or contact Hazel Koen at Minova RSA - 011 923 1900 with reference AD-land.

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