Tunnel surface protection

Protection and repair of the surface of tunnels has recently been recognised as an important addition to the toolkit of the rock engineer.

Surface protection systems have evolved rapidly, with Minova taking a worldwide lead in this new technology of Thin Sprayed Liners with a spray thickness varying between 3 – 10 mm.

Tekflex thin sprayed liner is a high tensile strength, flexible coating suitable for consolidation of loose rock surfaces, protection against weathering and construction of ventilation walls. It is sprayed onto the rock as a 3 mm thick coating which forms an impervious barrier and flexible support membrane. It preserves the integrity of the rock by eliminating the degrading effects of scaling, spalling and weathering.

Capcem KT is a rigid, fast-setting protective coating for rock, concrete or coal surfaces which are susceptible to deterioration on exposure. It may be used as a permanent lining itself or a base for shotcrete.
This product range currently consists of the Raplok, KT Grey, KT White, KT Fast and KT FAST 2C products. All to meet various requirements of our customers. These products offer high UCS and varies in bond strength and flexibility and also in price.
Minova remains on the forefront of development of these products through continious research and development and customer requirements.

Tunnel survace spray

TSL pump and nozzle to allow for a complete application.

We not only offer the TSL product, but also the complete system consisting of the pump and nozzle to allow for a complete application.

Rapseal is a waterproof coating applied as an ultra-thin spray to protect rock against weathering prior to applying a permanent lining such as shotcrete. It has proven itself as protection for kimberlite against water or moisture penetration.

Minova also offers synthetic netting or webbing for surface protection. Webbing is a lightweight flexible mesh designed specifically for use in underground mining, where ease of handling and flame retardancy are essential.

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