Safety induction video

Ad-Land has delivered a Safety Induction Video for B&T Steel for their NOSA grading. The safety video with a total duration of 15 minutes was produced in record time. This was a classic example of how a video should be produced. The first contact was made through our website and the client has indicated their budget.

This is important as it was clear from the start what type of production they were looking for. We only needed to give them a final quotation and an example of our previous work and the deal was made. After this the wheels started rolling and with the professional support of B&T personnel the video started to take shape.

The first compliments for the video have already rolled in, from no less than the NOSA grading officers, comparing the video with videos that are shown at international companies. We obvious feel good about it and so does the client.

How we feel does not matter, what matters is that the video was produced at rates that the client can afford and it satisfied their needs. Aimed at blue collar workers whose first language is not English (92% of South-Africans.) the script was kept simple and to the point.

At Ad-land we do not compromise on quality. We use the same skills and equipment to produce a video that took 1 day to shoot as on the more expensive productions. Obviously we use a less expensive voice as the budget did not make provision for the high end providers. This however does not lessen the impact the video make.

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