Production Video

Ad-land is a video production company that focus on the production of video for the business sector in South Africa. This is our focus and as such we display videos of companies we have done productions for on our website.

Due to the slow loading times this have caused we are in a process to move our production videos to separate pages on our website. This should happen in a day or two.

At the moment we do not like the look of our website without the videos on our pages, but it will give our visitors a better experience when browsing with the option to go and look at our production video when they want to.

This also gives us the opportunity to upload more than one format on the internet so that more people can see the videos. Hopefully this will ultimately enhance the browsing experience of all visitors to the AD-Land website.

AD-Land is involved in Corporate-, Induction-, safety-, training- and product production video. We deliver a full in-house service on video production for all our clients. This enables us to give all clients a fixed production video quotation to minimise surprises to the client when the production is finished.

Please feel free to contact us at any time for a free quotation.

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