Mine Safety

We did a series of video productions for Minova RSA. I have adapted the scripts a little so it gives through information on their products.

Strong and steady anchoring of equipment to the host rock or concrete is a prerequisite for safe operation of machinery and mine safety. With vibration resistance and pull-out strength being critical to anchoring specifications, Minova RSA has two products that will fulfil most needs for machinery and equipment anchoring.

Lokset Anchor Pack is a pourable resin grout formulated for grouting machinery anchor bolts. It is formulated for ease of mixing and placing and can safely be used where the difference between the anchor bolt and hole diameter does not exceed 25 mm. It is available in two setting speeds -  fast and standard. Machinery like diamond drill rigs and winches can be used within an hour of anchoring with Lokset Anchor Pack.

Capcem GP is a high-strength filler grout used where it is essential to eliminate shrinkage between a machine base plate and a substrate. It is also used for anchoring a wide variety of fixtures such as stanchions, masts, and fence posts.

It is supplied as a ready-to-use dry powder. The addition of a controlled amount of clean water produces a flowing non-shrink grout for filling gap thicknesses up to 100mm. The low water demand ensures high early strength.

Capcem Cover Drill Grout Kit

For fast and secure grouting of drill casings, at the collar of drill holes for large percussion exploration, or cover drill holes or for securing drill casings for diamond drill holes. This cementitious grout is assured to offer a consistent strength and quality, rapidly secure these casings to allow hole drilling to commence within two hours.

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