Mine Safety - Cement Grouts for rockbolting

We did a series of video productions for Minova RSA. I have adapted the scripts a little so it gives through information on their products.

Where fast but not immediate anchoring is required , Minova RSA has developed four systems for grouting with cements.

Capcem Small Diameter Capsules achive anchor strength within one hour. They are simple to use and ensure that the correct water to powder ratio is always obtained. The capsules are soaked in clean water and then inserted into the anchor hole using either a charging stick or injection gun. Capsules are available in a variety of diameters and setting times.

Capcem pumpable grouts are supplied in large capsules which are soaked in water. The grout is then injected into the holes with a low-pressure pump such as the Minova Spudnik pump.

The Capcem PLG long anchor grout family of grouts is supplied in bulk premixed powder form, for mixing and pumping on site. They give controlled expansion, strength and corrosion protection for long-life anchors.

Capram Large Diameter Capsules for grouting of long anchors. The capsules are soaked in water similar to the small diameter Capcem capsules but then require the special Capram Pump to inject the very stiff grout into the anchor hole.

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