Mine Safety - Resin Rock Bolting

We did a series of video productions for Minova RSA. I have adapted the scripts a little so it gives through information on their products.

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In South Africa it has been recognised that improved bond strength and consistent high installation standards lead to improvements in roof control and a reduction in falls of ground.

Minova RSA offers products of superior design, quality and strength capability to the mining and civil engineering industries.

Resin Capsules
Resin capsules are specifically developed and formulated for immediate high strength support as an anchoring medium for rock bolts and long tendons used as primary roof support in both coal and hard rock mines and tunnels. They can be installed with hydraulic and pneumatic type bolters.

Resin capsules are available in different lengths and set times, making them suitable for a wide range of bolt sizes and temperature environments.

Lokset Resin capsules are used to control vertical and horizontal strata movement in order to maintain the integrity of the rock and provide safer working conditions.

Lockset  are also available in a high strength resin for stiffer support systems and in high density rock.

2-Speedie spin to stall Capsules, a one capsule system containing both fast and slow resins, for pre-tensioning of long holes.

Low Insertion Force (LIF) Capsules are used in hand- held installations where easier penetration at lower thrust is required

Resin Bolting Accessories
The following accessories are available to make resin rock bolting more productive:

Tophats used to hold resin capsules in place in roofbolt holes and also prevent premature damage of the capsule before the spinning cycle commences.

Parachutes are placed on front end of each capsule. These act as a guide and protection when capsules are pneumatically loaded.

Resin Injectors are used to manually load resin capsules into roofbolt holes in high working places

Rotary Telltales are graphic indicators of strata movement, with amplification

Bobbin Telltales are direct indicators of strata movement

Telltale Installation Rods are used for the installation of Rotary Telltales.

Need more information? Please e-mail your contact details to news@ad-land.co.za and we will forward it to Minova RSA.

Or contact Hazel Koen at Minova RSA - 011 923 1900 with reference AD-land.

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