Mining - Water, Mud and Roadways

We did a series of video productions for Minova RSA. I have adapted the scripts a little so it gives through information on their products.

Housekeeping in a mine is of outmost importance to create a save working environment and to prevent accidents. As this can be seen as unproductive time, Minova RSA have developed and markets a range of products that addresses specific problems in the mining and civil industries.


Fosgel is a super absorbent synthetic polymer which, when added to water, rapidly forms a highly viscous gel.

The super absorbent properties of Fosgel can be used to absorb free water in working environments where muddy underfoot conditions need to be controlled, such as roadways or developments

Roadfix is a Pre-mixed fast setting concrete developed for temporary quick fixing potholes or ruts in underground roadways. Road Fix A is another water based product also used to fill potholes or fix almost any road surface quickly and easily and cost effectively.

Surfactant is a dust suppressant and dust allaying product, mixed in very small quantities, with normal water and is applied though spay nozzles to dust to quickly and effectively reduce free dust in the air.

Capcem Plug is formulated for the rapid sealing of water leaks from fissures and cracks where slower setting conventional mortars would be washed away and where fast setting resin mortars will not bond on wet surfaces. Ideal surfaces are most rock types, concrete and brick. Setting times of Capcem varies between 1 and 3 minutes.

Capcem underwater grout is a free flowing or pumped grout to seal wet or underwater substrates without significant ‘wash-out’ of the cement phase. Applications include crack and fissure sealing in mining and drilling operations and underwater concrete repair.

This free flowing, non-shrink grout, exhibits exceptional resistance to ‘washing-out’ of the cement phase when placed in stationary or moving water.

The material is a mixture of specially processed cements. Additives impart controlled expansion, water reduction, non wash-out characteristics and aid uniform mixing minimising segregation and bleeding whilst assisting the flow characteristics.

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