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Minova RSA

We did a series of video productions for Minova RSA. I have adapted the scripts a little so it gives through information on their products.

Underground, where the cracking sound of rock gives the telltale signs of imperfections, Minova RSA embrace their chosen responsibility to enhance the underground safety of mining operations, without compromising productivity or cost efficiency.

Our proud traditions of leadership, innovation, quality and safety are shared by all our people, where-ever they are located, bringing you the benefit of products that are based on solid technical skills to solve the problems of our clients.

Minova turns science into the solutions that satisfy rock engineering needs in a modern world. Our products, brands and services can be trusted for their reliability, range and quality. Each of these products is the leader in its application and enjoys a world class reputation. To back this up, we are ISO 9001: 2000 accredited.

As a member of the Minova International Group and ultimately of the Orica Group of companies, we are backed by:

International research and knowledge,

The collective expertise of a worldwide operation,

The immense power of Minova International’s intellectual property,

These are unsurpassed on the African Continent

Minova RSA operates an integrated research, development and manufacturing facility in the hub of the diverse and technically demanding Southern African Mining Industry. This enables us to adapt quickly to changes in the environment as well as changing customer needs.

Our products are extensively used in every sector of the mining industry and in the civil industry and are exported world-wide.

Products include:

Resin and cement grouts for rockbolting.
In South Africa it has been recognised that improved bond strength and consistent high installation standards lead to improvements in roof control and a reduction in falls of ground.

Minova RSA offers products of superior design, quality and strength capability to the mining and civil engineering industries.

Tunnel surface protection and repair.
Protection and repair of the surface of tunnels has recently been recognised as an important addition to the toolkit of the rock engineer.

Surface protection systems have evolved rapidly, with Minova taking a worldwide lead in this new technology of Thin Sprayed Liners

Anchoring for bolts and drill casings
Strong and steady anchoring is a prerequisite for safe operation of machinery. With vibration resistance and pull-out strength being critical to anchoring specifications, Minova RSA has the products that will fulfil most needs for machinery anchoring.

Rock Consolidation
Friable rock, running water, cavities and unstable ground – these are all conditions that cause unsafe working conditions and have the potential to delay or even prevent tunnel progress.

These problems are effectively addressed by injecting resins into the broken ground to consolidate rock structure and seal off water and gas flows.

Backfill, void filling and vent control.
Using mine tailings for backfilling is standard practice on South African mines. Where water loss must be reduced or high-strength fill is required, the tailings must be cemented. Conventional Portland Cement is not always suitable because of its high cost and sensitivity to contaminants in the fill. Minova has two innovative binders which overcome these problems and we have the expertise to customise solutions and formulations for different applications.

Water control, Mud and Roadway products.
Housekeeping in a mine is of outmost importance to create a save working environment and to prevent accidents. As this can be seen as unproductive time, Minova RSA has developed a range of products that addresses specific problems in the mining and civil industries.

Specialised Pumps and Autorock Drill Rigs
We strive to offer the full package and as such have specialised pumps for the application of our products.
The Autorock drill rig range, designed to drill rock support holes and install our specialist support products is a valuable addition to our service offering.

Other products – Improving mine safety
Minova RSA constantly strives to make mines a saver and more effective workplace and is constantly developing new products ranging from fire protection to specialised equipment.

Through a deep understanding of poor rock conditions… badly fractured strata… water ingress…ventilation requirements… Minova RSA offers solutions and services to most of the problems encountered by today’s Mining Engineer.

In conjunction with mine operators and professional organisations we have developed systems to improve safety, yet, achieve the highest levels of productivity and cost effectiveness.

We acknowledge our social and community obligations. Meeting those obligations is important to us, our customers and the community, and contributes to our aim to conduct our business in a sustainable manner.

Guided always by its five brand values – safety first, solving problems, sharing success, solutions worldwide and service excellence – Minova RSA has delivered the value-added solutions that customers seek to solve their problems. Flexible in its methods and approach, the company adheres strictly to its founding principles particularly where issues of quality, health and safety and the environment are concerned.

Minova RSA:

Make a real contribution to improve underground safety.

Develop and manufacture technically advanced products in South Africa.

Adjust to the needs of our customers.

Deliver our products and services to international standards

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