Business Videos

Is there a difference between a Business Video and a Corporate Video? If I have to say, the answer will be yes, for the following reason:

A Corporate Video will concentrate on selling the company as a whole. It is a soft approach to selling and on its own will most probably not sell a specific product or service.

A Business Video in my perception is a hard approach to selling for a specific product or service. It will have a single minded focus on a product or service and should be able to sell a product or service on its own. We would normally call this a product video.

It does not really matter what you want to call the production you want to make, as long as the production fulfil the task at hand by communicating the right message to the target audience.

AD-land has done many different types of productions over the years. Doing Business Video Productions are always a challenge to the creativity and marketing knowledge of the producer.

Having an intimate knowledge of production values, AD-Land have the added benefit of business skills to produce a Business Video of outstanding quality that will deliver your message.

So, the next time you think of a production, give us a call, we will gladly help you to do a production that will communicate your message.

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