Training Video

AD-Land have just completed a training video for Booyco Electronics. The video was for one of their products, the CWS 800 system that warns pedestrians and drivers of vehicles in mines that they are to close to each other.

Booyco have specially adapted the system for Tavistock mine to actually stop the vehicle when it comes within 3 meters of a pedestrian.

Product specific training videos are very effective when you need to train blue collar workers. This training video have a strong safety training approach as well and is also site specific. This makes it unique production as most companies keep the two things apart. In mining conditions safety is such an integrated part of the operations that you always have the two tier approach to training videos.

AD-land have developed our skills in the production of training videos as the demand for these videos are on the rise. We also understands that the budgets for training videos are much lower than those for corporate video and adjust our production prices accordingly. The quality will however remain the same, it is only the editing that is less complicated.

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