Employee Induction

Employee induction days can be completely overwhelming or there is a complete lack of employee induction. Either one is definitely not a good thing. The purpose of employee induction is to introduce new employees to the company. Therefore it is imperative that you should not confuse new employees by overwhelming then on day one by a stack of information or the lack of any information.

AD-Land is not HR consultants that can structure your induction programme, but we can help to package it in such a way that employees can take their time to go through all the information on their on time.

The key in employee induction is that the employee should be developed into a good staff member that understands the culture of the business. This is normally conveyed by the HR department and every one has their own interpretation of how it should be conveyed. Most HR people I have worked with are very professional in their ways, but you need to convey a constant message to new employees. You cannot expect this from any HR person, no matter how professional they are.

This is where a well compiled presentation will help the HR department to convey the message you want a new employee to hear.  The initial costs might be high, but the benefits include a reduction in induction time, employees will feel valued when you give them their own induction presentation and develop a positive attitude.

AD-Land can develop an affordable package that can be adapted to suit your budget and needs. Changes can be done cost effectively if the induction presentation is planed with changes in mind.

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