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Digital Advertising platforms in the Industrial Market – Are the clock nearing 12 for companies not effectively utilising the internet?

I always had my doubts about the effectiveness of the internet and digital communication for companies servicing the Mining and Industrial markets. These doubts have definitely faded somewhat after looking at statistics for an industrial company servicing exactly this market.

Their YouTube channel has received 2197 views the past year. Now this might not sound like a lot if you compare it to the real heavy traffic pullers, but it is still 2197 contacts you are making from only one digital platform that is completely free.

As Youtube is a video channel, what kind of video are people watching? Surprisingly from this small sample, they watch corporate videos but mostly product videos. The statistics of International Company’s channels it confirms this.

Marketing any company is definitely moving towards a strong digital presence and I would recommend that industrial companies’ starts to select their advertising agencies, public relations and communication experts based on the digital footprint they have. These service providers must be able to promote themselves digitally to know how to do it for you. They spend their own money wisely and you can expect that they will do the same for you.

I did a search, and the service providers with the number one spot in the Google search rankings are as follows.

Advertising Agencies – Wetpaint Advertising

Public Relations – Livewired

Communication Companies – The Media People

Definitely, this is not the only criteria to use to choose a service provider, but it is a good place to start.

I am not suggesting throwing the so called traditional media out of the window, but companies should look to spend up to 35% of their marketing budget on digital efforts. It does not matter how big or small you are, you need to be online, and the time is long gone that to be online means that I have a website. It is a medium that is interactive and it must be worked on all the time.

I always believed that video is the best advertising tool marketers, safety officers and trainers have at their disposal. Video is becoming more powerful with channels like YouTube. Now you distribute the video to vast numbers of people you cannot physically meet, you can have visitors do their safety inductions even before they enter your premises and you can train employees over vast distances.

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