Business to Business Marketing – Key Personnel

Small to medium sized businesses have key people without whom the business will, in the worst case scenario, simply stop functioning or at best take a dip in sales that will influence the company severely.

The first scenario you will get mostly in very small businesses and in most of these instances there is nothing you can do about it. The entrepreneur has chosen a path where he or she is making a living from the product or service and the moment they stop doing it the business will stop.

The second scenario is a real threat to medium sized businesses, and depending on the type of business, these person or persons can be in just about any department. If we look at the typical Industrial Company selling to other Businesses, you can narrow down the key areas immediately. The important thing is to identify these people, make sure you keep them happy and that you have a solid succession plan in place.

Again, I am not an expert on succession plans, there are many specialists and articles available, my only comments are that succession planning focus a lot on leadership, I have seen these plans in huge organisations, have been part of them, they are not worth the paper they are written on.

Organisations have become to fancy with the basic things, to replace a CEO in a Business to Business setup is relatively easy; you will find someone inside or outside of the company who will be able to do a better job as it is generic skills you need to make a success. To replace the Sales Person in charge of 30 – 40% of your sales might prove a bit more difficult. This is the person who knows the role-players in your industry on their first names and on the side of your competitor can make a serious dent in your turnover.

It is these people I would make sure I can replace in a wink of the eye, not the fancy graduates, you can buy them anytime and it is possible if you are willing to spend the money on developing people.

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