Safety induction video

Ad-Land has delivered a Safety Induction Video for B&T Steel for their NOSA grading. The safety video with a total duration of 15 minutes was produced in record [Read more]

Tunnel surface protection & repair

Protection and repair of the surface of tunnels has recently been recognised as an important addition to the toolkit of the rock engineer.

Surface protection systems have evolved rapidly, with Minova taking a worldwide lead in this new technology of Thin Sprayed Liners with a spray thickness varying between 3 – 10 mm.

Tekflex thin sprayed liner [Read more]

Autorock drill rig

Minova RSA offers a package deal which includes the Autorock drills, the resins, cementitious grouts and pumps for the successful installation of roof bolts and cable anchors of up to 6 meters in a low stoping width or high development [Read more]