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Business television and Corporate Communication

Internal marketing is about effectively communicating with your employees better known as “business television” It’s a way for companies to create a general view on their own terms.
The application to video range from promotional use in marketing to management motivation and even for training, in most aspects however it is still a normal television production but its use differs.

However creating a video that is specifically designed for the purpose of focusing on the company in question is what we call a corporate video.

This type of video is in essence a communications medium, between you and your clients. This is sharply contrasts to normal television production that is focused on a broader viewer range. Business television in short focuses on a company and its people within facilitating the need to connect with your staff members and your clients for improved corporate communication.

The use of a business video can vary from staff training in safety or induction, the projection of financial information promotion, testimonials, event filming, and product demonstration.   The application use of business video is extensive.

As a large or small organization the need always exists to inform your staff members of the direction or corporate objectives that need to be accomplished.The same is true when you target your clients they must understand your business purpose and what you can deliver.

Focusing on what you can deliver and showing your competencies is far more important when creating a video production. Relating your business image and visual style is a major component in creating the right appearance. In every company there is a unique look that has to be transferred to your production.

Creating a video takes time and experience, at the end of the day, the final product is dependent on the needs of the company

The benefits of business television

  • Increased product sales
  • Increasing supplier brand awareness
  • Increase awareness and professionalism
  • Better corporate communication

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