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Setting out to create a corporate video

The first steps to creating a corporate video for business to business marketing

Key points to consider when producing a corporate video
When you’re looking to create a video that represents your company, there are a few key points that have to be considered.  Every corporation has a brand promise, mission, or goal to reach.  Be it to become the market leader in its industry or the best products and services.

Identify the need and deliver.

Companies look for ways to solve problems, you are reading this article because you may be looking to create a video and don’t know where to start, the same is true for your clients. What do they need? And how can you deliver?
An example of this is our website, we focus on the need to increase sales, motivate staff, increase safety in your business and we solve these needs by offering corporate, induction and safety videos.
Identify what your video needs to do and we will create a video that works for you.

Your core competencies have to be highlighted

Video’s that work show the prospect clients that a company can deliver what they need.  Highlighting the strengths and key position within a market differentiates it from the competitors, creating an impression of trust and reliability that the company strives to get the job done. That is why corporations invest in corporate videos.
Write down your company’s’ strengths and what sets you apart.

Strong branding and positive association is essential.

Reliability and professionalism is linked to a strong corporate image. A company in any corporate environment must be identified with this image. Professional video brings branding to life with shots of completed projects, innovative product demonstrations that inform people, motivate staff and drive sales.  Leaving a strong impression on anyone that has viewed the production.

Gather information about your organization and organize it.

Deliver the message fast and effective.

Time is always a factor, the attention span of the average person when watching a video is no more than 5 minutes. Every second counts when a prospect client is introduced to products or services.  That is why an interactive video presentation gets the job done. 

Don’t try and fit everything into one video focus on the fundamentals of your business

Relate and engage with the audience

A standard has been set by the media of today, if it isn’t interesting people tend to just ignore it and move on to the next thing on their list of things to do. Video makes people stop and take notice, it is also the reason why adverts are created on a demographic scale, products are sold with the use of characters specifically designed that the marketing company thinks their target market can relate to. The same goes for the corporate environment in today’s world.
Pitch your ideas to friends and coworkers and get their input

Main page > corporate video articles > Create a corporate video