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Editing your Corporate Video

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When producing any Corporate Video, editing is the part that takes the most time. In the video industry they have a benchmark that for every hour of final video product, you need 1 hour’s editing. This is not true when you produce a Corporate Video. The editing is more like a painting that flows and change all the time.

It does not really matter what system the editor is using to edit your Corporate Video, as long it is one of the professional packages. There is always a debate going between Apple and PC. I agree a standard Apple is better than a standard PC, but it also cost 6-15 times more. Spend the same amount of money on a PC and you will have a high quality PC than do not need to stand back in terms of performance.

 AD-land work on a PC Editing system because I belief that as your Corporate Video is going to be played on PC’s, it is better that it is made on something we all know is 100% compatible. I have played DVD’s made on Apple on a PC and it always seems there is something missing. This might be only me, but why use a system that is used by only 10% of the population? It just does not make sense.

The real art of editing lies in the combination of music, visuals and voice in such a way that it will keep the audience interested and sell your company. This is what we do best.

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