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Determine the goals for your Corporate Video

The decision to make a corporate video for your company is normally based on the marketing planning process. There has to be a reason for spending money on a marketing tool, there is no way around this point. Without going through the whole marketing decision making process, we will list the most common reasons companies will produce a corporate video.

Problem orientated reasons:

Sales people give different interpretations of the company to their clients. The result is that clients have no clear view of what the company does. This can result in sales volumes that are lower than it should be.

Lower than expected sales. A corporate video can go a long way as a marketing tool to introduce a company to new clients. Especially when it is combined with other marketing tools.

Clients think the company is too small to do business with. Video make a company look bigger than it is. A well structured corporate video can overcome this obstacle.

Opportunity driven reasons:

You have a potential client situated in another province, city or country.There is no better way to show off your capabilities and skills than a corporate video.

When planning a direct marketing campaign a corporate video should at least form part of the initial planning.

If there are a lot of exhibitions in your industry, a corporate video will work better than any other marketing tool. Instead of pamphlets you can distribute copies of your video.

These are just some ideas on which you can base the goal you need to reach with your corporate video. I am sure you can think of more and you are welcome to send us your suggestions through our contact page

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