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Music for Corporate videos

Using music in your Corporate Video is vital to me. It sets the mood for the audience and it helps the flow of the video. The only problem with music is that people’s taste differs. People also have different reactions to music. Classical music has always made me nervous, where it has a calming effect on most people.

The best approach is to choose music that will complement your voice over artist’s voice. If the two sounds are harmonious, your audience will listen.

You have different options to follow when deciding on music. The first is to get a composer to compose music specifically for your video. This always works better but it is exponentially more expensive than library music, your second alternative.

Library music comes in two versions. Firstly, licensed music where you pay for a certain usage or the number of copies. Alternatively you can use royalty free music. Royalty free music you can use for as long as you want and make as many copies you need.

I like to use royalty free music as it makes the production admin much easier. If you have the budget, you should make use of a composer. For corporate video productions on lower budgets library music always work well and is more than sufficient.

Whatever route you follow, the final mix should be done right. Listen to it on computer speakers. Does it still sound right? This is the medium your corporate video is mostly going to be played on. Make sure it sounds right on a computer
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