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As mentioned in the other parts of this range of articles, writing the script is the most crucial part of the production. It dictates the mood of the production and you better get it right. There are different approaches to writing a script for your corporate video.

Firstly you can write a draft yourself. You know your company and know what you want in the video production. This is my preferred way of working and it saves some time researching the company’s information. The producer then takes the draft and turns it into a video script.

The second approach is to hire a professional scriptwriter. The benefit of this approach is that it saves you some time. The downside is that the scriptwriter will have to do intensive research into your company which obviously cost money and is time consuming.

Scripts also have a tendency to be changed by the people who need to approve them. It normally takes more time than you have foreseen, but it is critical to get it right.

Scriptwriting does not need to halt the production as most of the other video production activities can carry on.

As part of the script producers also do the creative approach to the video for the production team when they do the shooting. This part makes sure that critical shots are not missed.

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