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The final product

When all the shooting and editing is done, there is one final step, the packaging of your DVD for distribution.

AD-land does small amount copies of up to 1000 copies for our clients. Designing the cover for the DVD case and the DVD itself is also within our capabilities.

There are many options for packaging, but for corporate videos I prefer a DVD case as it always appears professional and you make your chances of a client actually viewing it, much better.

Alternatives to a DVD case are plain paper or vinyl sleeves, plastic clams or the old CD jewel cases. These are fine for internal distribution of DVD’s but not to clients.

My personal feeling is that they might throw away all the other packaging, but not the DVD case.

There are two basic ways to make a copy. Duplication and Replication, replication is more accurate if you do large numbers of copies and you are using low quality DVD’s. Duplication works fine when you use high quality disks like verbatim. The benefit of duplication is that you do not need to make large quantities of copies, you can actually make one copy and it is over and done with.

At AD-Land we make use of only the best materials when we duplicate your project, we test the first DVD and we never had an incident where DVD duplication hasn’t worked.

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