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Editing Services - Building your story

We have changed to digital video editing services , using Adobe Premiere Pro in conjunction with BlackMagic hardware. This was a decision based on the ease of use and we were looking for something that works similar to our previous editing system. The quality of video editing relies on the insight of the editor of the clients business and the basic principles of communication. This only comes with training and education. I edit every video I produce. This is important to me, besides the fact that I enjoy the creative process, I go to each shoot and mostly do the camerawork myself. Video production has become more accessible to more people, but experience still rules the day.

Video, text, sound and voice are combined in perfect harmony using multiple channels. On one production we have used 28 video channels to create an overwhelming effect of the services of a company. All in perfect synchronisation.

The video editing process is roughly as follows:

Recording of the voice over in a professional studio

Selecting of appropriate shots.


Doing a rough cut for presentation

Viewing of rough-cut to get the comments of the client

Making the adjustments required and do a final edit to synchronise every aspect of the video, adding video effects and transitions.

Delivery on DVD, CD of VHS.

Our clients are welcome to sit in on every step of the way. We are fully capable to do things on our own and present a final product, but it can be a waste of time if a change needs to be made. Digital editing has made it much easier to change things, but it still takes time.

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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.

Hennie Visagie