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Despite the obvious full facilitation services at a budget related negotiated price we also offer separate elements of the full service which includes the following:

“Meet and greet” set-ups – If you just need a few meetings set up to double check possible local clients, we will do it for a minor fee.

Visas & work permits – it’s quicker to organise it from our side, quite a bit cheaper too.

Customs clearance – full service including meeting at the airport and pre-clearance of your carné forms.

Lodging, bookings and transfers – full service hotel bookings at local rates plus any transfers needed. Our five star service for VIP

’s include a local guide and personal driver by their side at all times.

Location hunting, scouts & advice – our thorough knowledge of local customs, conditions and the lay of the land, up to the point of knowing someone in every town, will be to your absolute benefit. For our own productions we have identified and shot at roughly 22 700 different, great locations. To find ones for your need will be a synch. We can deliver digital footage on every location possibility you might need. All we need from you is your script plus a few notes on the feel and look you plan your movie to have.

Film/tape purchase & shipping – we will cater to all your stock needs and even provide courier services to distant locations to get your rushes done as quickly as possible. We all know your line feed and the actual footage sometimes differ shockingly.

Reliable, qualified & talented crew – we know the local talent very well and therefore the “who” and “who not’s.” In short – we won’t give you second best. We will go as far as to say that we will rather ask you to supply for instance a gaffer from your side, because all our best guys are busy in that period.

Local casting service – if you need local actors in certain parts we know and have worked with most of them. We will do auditions beforehand and mail you the footage.

Temporary offices – if that is one of your needs we will organise it for you and everything you need in it.

Guiding & interpreting – depending on the locations you choose, this might be a definite need.

Financial & cost control – part of our team are two dedicated accountants, one of them a chartered accountant. We will also set up your local banking needs for the term of your production.

Legal Services – our professional outsourced Legal Firm will provide all your local needs on an ad-hoc basis.

Ground & air transportation – whatever your needs, we can provide, even to remote outlying areas.

Governmental permissions & location permits – most local facilitators don’t know the necessary insiders to make this process effortless. We do.

State-of-the-art equipment hire – Once again we have all the contacts for all your needs. We can even organise specialised grips to be built up according to your needs at prices you won’t believe.

Aerials, charters, choppers, planes

Stunts & SPFX – once again we will provide the best of our local stuntmen and SPFX guys.

Pre production - research & story ideas – our team include seasoned scriptwriters and an excellent creative team. We can provide you with whatever you need.

Post production -including safaris, tours, vacations – As well as normal post production, we will love to show off our great country.

Digital Editing – everything you need.

Digital Final Mixing – the latest and the best.

CGI – South Africa has some of the best guys around.

Local publicity – we know them and we can do it for you top to bottom if that is one of your needs.

Linking with DTI – the Department of Training & Industry: for tax incentive schemes you qualify for as foreign investor.

Linking with IDC – the Industrial Development Corporation: for financial assistance up to a maximum of 49% of your budget.

Linking with local broadcasters and distributors - if needed.

Weather – Okay, fine… That’s the one thing we can not organise. But we will certainly advise you on the best times of the year in which part of the country, and hey… we have an average of 304 sunny days per year.

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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.

Hennie Visagie

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