Can it work for business tot business marketing in industrial markets ?

Internet marketing today can have all the elements of a traditional advertising campaign, just without the paper. You might even find that you can get more for your marketing rand.

Business to business marketing was always a field where very little information is available when you need to make your marketing decisions. This has not changed with the arrival of electronic media. With 4.5 million South Africans that have access to the internet, it is starting to make a huge impact in the media usage of people and every business will have to take note and adjust their media focus.

The question is, will B to B companies be able to attract more clients through their websites or not? I believe that, over the short term, you will not see a sudden increase in sales. The focus should be on the longer term to align your electronic media presence in such a way that good quality prospects can find you on the internet based on their needs instead of your name. Very few people search for AD-land, but 6000 South Africans search on a monthly basis for video productions. The trick for us is to be in the first 10 results for video productions, and then we stand a chance to get good quality leads.

It is easy to test your company ranking on search engines, just do a South African search based on what the potential customer will search, i.e. roof tiles (5 200 searches per month) , mine safety (4 400), coffee machines (6600). These figures are an indication of the number of searches done by people with an interest in the product range.

You need to be in the top 10 search engine rankings for your products based on what prospects search. If you are not, it might be time to get qualified internet marketers on board to analyse and direct your online campaign; if not, you are wasting your resources