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By Gert Visagie 16 November 2009


In the ever-changing world of online marketing there is something called “link building” or as I like to call it “link spamming”. First let us explain what it is; Link building is the practice of getting inbound links directed to your site from other websites. All good and well but what do they do? Well that is easy they generate traffic. For your website to work you, need traffic (real people viewing your website).

Why links are important

There are a few theories about this one. First up credibility, Google finds these, decides, “Your website is really important” and moves your website into the first page of the organic search results.

Second lots of links create lots of traffic, the results is your page rank improves. Unfortunately, page rank is no more part of the Google webmaster tools. Moreover, unrelated in most aspects of website marketing. I disagree with this for the page rank tool is still available in the Google toolbar. (Page rank may not equal links but it is a clear indication of relevance and trustworthiness)

Finally yet crucially we have link popularity, some believe that links towards your site makes it more credible than a website without links. I share this view with a small group of individuals that believe links are supposed to add value to the visitor.

Links help your website to draw traffic, it enriches the internet user experience, and it gets your website noticed by the people out there that want to know about your service, products, or the story you have to tell. (Personally I feel if your website does not have something to offer the individual don’t even bother)

Where do you find links?

Well now, some would call this the million-dollar question but in fact, it is very easy to answer:

“Good content is worth linking too” Sure I could give you a list of sites and I will do so in a moment but if you want links that matter, write great content. People appreciate content and like sharing interesting things with their friends and coleuses. That is why I believe in content

Now let us deal with those that just skipped reading that little piece of advice.
Social Bookmarking

The two most popular social bookmarking sites out there, do note their no follow but were talking about links that bring in traffic not page rank.

Single webpage websites
RSS Feed Submissions website
It is the only one that works believe me I have tried them all.

Article Marketing

Blog Websites

My final tip would be to use Google search ( and get a few links from the people that already link to them. Also, remember that this is a long-term process, it takes weeks for Google to pick up any link building you have done and only old links count real weight.

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