Website Optimization – Website Structure

By Gert Visagie 17 November 2009

A proper website structure will help index your pages on Google, enhance the visitors experience on your website, and in general just make your website easier to manage. So some may ask what a good website structure is. The Google webmaster guidelines state that a good structure comprises of using text based navigation rather than images, all pages are accessible via at least one link and that links on a given page be kept to a reasonable number fewer than 100.
Those are just some of the basic rules to follow when looking at the structure and design of your website. In my opinion, improving the quality of your website will also influence the structure.
Good website structure comprises off the following

    • Make sure that you use <title> elements and alt attributes.
    • Check your website for broken links
    • If your using dynamic pages make sure their sort
    • Get a html and xml sitemap on your website to help people find what their looking for
    • Use custom 404 errors and Google on site search
    • Last but not least write good content

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