Internet Marketing – Where to spend your marketing rand

The concept of internet marketing has been with us for years and it has evolved from the traditional forms of marketing. Marketers are still throwing money at the problem of selling their products and services. The question is, does advertising work as good on the internet as it worked in the traditional media? The following graphs suggest not.  (Please do take into consideration that the company specialises in website optimisation.)

Here we are sharing the generalized numbers from HitLens Web Analytics service. It covers 300,000+ websites from all over the world

Global Search Engines - June

This chart gives the idea of the market share of each of the three major search engines.
For the past months Google has a slight fall in its positions while Yahoo and MSN feel themselves comfortable around 10% and 6% points correspondingly.

Visitor Referrers - June

You can see how visitors are being referred to websites.
The share of search engines and book marking is constantly growing during the year 2009 as compared to 2008 when links promotion was a hot thing. Nowadays link promotion is loosing popularity, advertising has a small run.

The structure of the internet is totally different from all other media, so reaching your target market will require an approach that adapt to this structure. The closest media   to the internet you will get in the traditional media are the Yellow Pages. The internet is only more convenient. The problem facing marketers is to be found on the internet. As one can see from the second graph is Google still the place to be. People search for what they are looking for and companies need to be on the first page of the results.

This is exactly what we do. We have the infrastructure to deliver on every step of the way, giving you an integrated service to utilise the internet to the capacity it can offer in your industry.