Search engine optimisation

You got yourself a website designer and put up a pretty good looking site, now you wait for the customers, after two years you have only a tickle of visitors, and rarely get any leads from it. I do not know what you were told, but I doubt it that it was the truth. SEO is an attempt to get more relevant traffic from search engines. Without SEO it will be difficult to achieve.

What you should know.

There are billions of websites out there, without a constant effort; your site will be lost in the jungle. There are many reputable website companies, unfortunately, to my mind, there are too many that are not. You have to beat the competition in the race to the top 10 positions on the search engines for your specific key words. This will bring qualified visitors to your website, free of charge, after the initial cost of SEO. Today there are many search engines with Google taking the lead with delivering 67% of traffic to websites. There are a few factors influencing your website’s ranking, here are some of the most important factors.

Search engine submission: The first step to take towards SEO is to make sure your website is submitted to the most important search engines. These are the most important:




Yahoo - Need to create an account.


South African:



Woyaa – Need to create an account.


Links: There are basically two types of links, incoming links from other websites and reciprocal links. Both have an influence on how the search engines rate your website.

On page optimisation: There are some steps you can take to optimise your page so search engines will rank you better. As in any business there are also things that you should not do. Search engines can penalise you if you use hidden text on your web pages. Once you have been banned from a search engine, it is very difficult to get you back into the listings. This is one of the reasons for applying good SEO practices.

Page Rank: This is Google’s indication of value of a web page, there are various factors influencing a web page’s page rank including the two abovementioned factors.

Age: I can show you websites without the two abovementioned factors present, but they have a good Page Rank based only on their age and relevancy to their subject. The problem is that they will not show up in the top 10 when you search relevant key words and will not attract the traffic they should.

Number of pages: I have no proof for this, but looking at websites that have good rankings, there are always a lot of pages with cross linking. This relates to relevancy of the site, but some search engines will pick it up and it will contribute to your rank.

To do SEO for the search engines alone can be dangerous. People still need to read it and react to your message.

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