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Video marketing has become very popular; one of the reasons for this is that marketers are finding it difficult to reach people through traditional routes, such as emails, direct mailing, and telephone conversations. As a result, they have to turn to new alternatives.

As mentioned in the introduction the use has grown but there are a few reasons why it is so popular. As you may have noticed, online video has grown with leaps and bounds over the past few years. With Google buying YouTube and video portals popping up like daisies in spring, the result was viral video marketing becoming the new way of attracting visitors to your website.

The other reason why online marketing is struggling is that the average internet user is becoming more resourceful. They are identifying online advertisements and avoiding them, reporting spam to their webmasters and blocking domains that send unsolicited e-mails. 

The solution is simple really, offer your clients something of interest and they will contact you. Video Marketing can capture the attention of people by providing the information that these people are looking for.

Examples of use

Imagine that you own a website design company. Someone wants to learn how to create his or her own website, you can take advantage of this by offering them a free video tutorial on the subject and convince them to provide you with their contact information for the free video, show them the basic’s and if they don’t succeed you can always contact them and offer your services.

Another way is to upload your videos to popular video portal sites like YouTube and Google video, using your keyword in the title of the video may result in a lot of inbound traffic

The final word on video marketing

Video marketing is a good idea when you need a new and innovative way to show people what your company can do for them. A video designed to speak to your prospect clients (the audience) will generate real leads and help your business grow.

If you are not sure if audio video marketing is a good idea, brows to our front page and have a look at our corporate video and decide if you need something similar to market your business.

Video makes an impact; it speaks for your business and utilized in various ways.
We offer the following types of videos to our clients:

Training video for education and motivating.
Safety videos that inform visitors on site of dangers they may face.
Induction video, introduce new staff to standards, procedures and regulations.
Corporate video that sells your business products and services

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