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Marketing Video

The key points to marketing video

Video is the perfect marketing tool when you need to incorporate your brand, product, and company into one easy to deliver marketing message. We outline the main reasons why you should consider using marketing video.

Brand management:  Your Company’s image within a video is entirely under your control when producing a promotional video for sales purposes. Giving you the ability to show off your facilities, the manufacturing of your product, your company’s strengths, demonstrate your product at work at trade shows. Video brings your brand to life.

Multiple uses: A video utilized in traditional means of advertising like, direct marketing, websites, and promotional items improve their efficiency by brining your business to life. It gives you the capability of carrying your business with you everywhere you go. You can have a video play at a trade show, in boardrooms, on a construction site with a laptop.

You can show off your business wherever and whenever it is convenient for you and your sales people. It also carries more weight than a brochure or print media adverts that may go unnoticed.

Better sales:  Sales video productions make for faster sales. We use video to sell video, this is because we believe in our product and have seen that it speeds up the buying decision. Video production delivers what prospect clients need to know, exiting them about your product or services.

Reduction in marketing cost:  A video is a marketing tool that does not carry an expiration date and it customised for specific needs, this versatility enables you to use a corporate video for induction and training. It is easy and cheep to make copies and distribution cost about the same as a large brochure or small catalogue. A video makes your business more visible when used on electronic media like your website.

Marketing videos are powerful marketing tools that will help your business succeed within your industry by grabbing the attention of your audience and delivering your message to them in a medium that keeps them entertained.

AD-land Video Production will help you create a professional marketing video of your company, product, brand and people. Brining your business life in a interactive medium of sound and visuals.

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