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The use of web video for businesses and organizations.

Promote your business with online marketing video and help customers to understand your message. Your online video will deliver new customers from your website with its persuasive and compelling

The internet allows you to create a more traditional advertisement, targeted directly at visitors to your web site. Create a video that includes your message of your business location products and services.

Why you should use Web video

  1. Convert more visitors into sales and enquiries
  2. Captivate visitor’s attention leaving a lasting first impression
  3. Create a more professional site by just adding videos

Turn your web pages into interactive marketing tools that stand out when a visitor reaches them. Don’t rely on text to sell your products. Show how they work and flaunt their benefits.

Here is a list of everything you can do with web videos.

Different ways for Businesses and Organisations to use Web Video

  • A overview explain your business, organization or business.
  • The promotion of individual products and services your business
  • A video sales message in your emails.
  • As a video listing in the Google search engine
  • In Presentation software like power point
  • Online sessions, seminars or webinars for educating customers
  • As a interactive sales video to guide customers through a series of related choices
  • Show case studies or films, or a portfolio of successful finished projects
  • Customer testimonial support to prove the claims you make in your web site
  • Product video demo to promote ecommerce catalogue sales of strategic or high value products
  • Use of video for induction online or within your companies intranet
  • Training and procedures, guides or tutorials, using intranet for internal continuing education
  • Make your website more professional. Giving you an edge over the competitors websites
  • CEO address News and CEO addresses to your clients and staff or press release
  • Announce news release details to press
  • Broadcasting of the end year shareholder communications
  • Promote your weekly / monthly / quarterly promotion
  • Create your own video channel
  • FAQ for product / policy information available online

If you need an effective web video presence then we can deliver. AD-land is a proffesional video production house in Johannesburg South Africa. Contact us for a quote today and boost your sales online

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