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What your audience wants.

Your audience wants to know about your organisation, its scope and capabilities, products and services.

A video has to be short, powerful and interesting.

The length of any video is determined by its audience, let’s say a sales rep is playing your company corporate video to a marketing director.  They can’t spend half an hour watching your video; it needs to be short and straight to the point.

Your message has to be clear and direct.

You have a limited time frame to deliver your message in, so make sure your video relates your business at its best. Instead of rambling on about every accomplishment the company has achieved in its history focus on a few resent ones.

Don’t try and shove all your products in one video.

Only show your best. Covering all your services and products in a corporate company video is a bad idea. Why? Because you could end up with a 6 hour long infomercial. Always remember strive to accomplish your objective.

Give them the right information.

You know your clients communicate with them. When visiting your clients don’t show them a video that doesn’t relate to their industry make sure its relevant. Create a targeted message specifically designed to impress them.

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