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Interactive Multimedia

When people speak of interactive multimedia the general perception is a presentation that needs input from the viewer. The level of interactivity is set by the design and application of the presentation.

With interactive sales multimedia presentations, the viewer should be able to find the information they are looking for with a clickable interface.

Interactive Multimedia

Immediate feedback to the viewer is very important if you have a training presentation. Test can be incorporated into the multimedia presentation with feedback to the trainee as well as the facilitator.

Interactive multimedia is not a cheap exercise, but the return on investment can be considerable both in marketing and training. Before starting to create an interactive multimedia presentation, goals should be set to make sure that you get the necessary return.

We at AD-Land are constantly aware of the costs involved n production and therefore always try to give our customers the best prices we can. Especially on big productions we can really make a huge cost difference without compromising on quality of the production.