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Better Multimedia Presentations

Multimedia comes in many forms and shapes. At AD-Land we speak of multimedia as forms of presentations. It can be a video, Power Point Presentation, Photo compilation, website or an integrated delivery build in one of the many presentation software packages available on the market today.

On these pages on multimedia we are trying to give an overview of the different applications of multimedia presentations. We are in the business of building presentations for clients. We cannot provide the content, but we can transform a presentation into something that will captivate the audience.

Multimedia PresentationsMany companies have moved to designing their own presentations. No problem with that. The problem comes in when you need to distribute your presentation to your audience. Power Point, or for that matter, any presentation, is not the ideal vehicle for this.



The main reason is that you have built it as a speaker support, not a comprehensive overview of your topic.

This is our main focus, transforming your speaker support into a marketing vehicle. Delivering an excellent presentation is 90% up to you, enforcing your presentation with a compelling handout is our speciality.

One cannot let the opportunity of distributing your presentation to delegates slip through the cracks. You have spent the time and money on getting invited to present a paper. Make use of all the available opportunities, create a digital handout, it will let you stand out from the crowd.