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Better Multimedia Productions

The most commonly used multimedia productions today are websites and Power Point presentations.

Combining animations, video and sounds into websites make it a true multimedia production. These techniques are used more and more by design companies. There is one downside to building beautiful websites, but it is another topic and our views on this can be found under the website division of our website.

Still, websites are a tool to get your multimedia presentation to your audience and should be used when appropriate.

Multimedia Productions

Power Point Presentations
Mostly done by companies themselves, it has many pros and cons. If done for speaker support, it can be excellent, but it cannot be used for distribution unless it has been altered to give more information.

Integrated multimedia design
I have called these productions integrated to distinguish it from all the others. When you tell the story of your company, product or services you are always busy selling yourself. A well designed multimedia production can do this. Giving everything in one package, designed to inform your client and sell yourself.

There is a place for all of these three; the problem is that companies try to use the one as a replacement for the other. This should never happen as it will do more damage than good in the long run.