Project Presentations

Preparing a presentation to pitch for a project or to give an update on the progress with an existing project, you will most probable use something like Power Point to prepare your presentation. In strategically selected areas you can enhance your presentation with video.

Project PresentationsVideo will be one of the most convincing factors in a project presentation; everybody knows that video does not lie unless you spend quite a lot of money on it. It shows exactly what is happening at a project site or what the company’s capabilities are.

The basis of any new project presentation pitch is the capability of the company to complete the project within budget and on time. You need to convince the company to whom you are tendering that you can deliver on these. Again, showing them visually what you are capable of is first price.

When you start out with a project it is always a good idea to get a video producer on site to film the progress of the project. This will gather footage that can be edited in progress reports for the client.

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