Ad-land Video Production Company

Chapter 1 - Setting out to find the elements and essential features that will work for your needs.

The first step is to decide what elements you are going to use to accomplish your goal or fulfill this need.

When it comes to the different types of video out there you must identify the one that will accomplish your goal. Here is the list of “video types” we deliver and a summery.

Corporate Video

We work for you to deliver a marketing tool that will increase sales, inform clients, draw attention and invoke a sense of pride with your staff.  Marketing is the key element in a corporate video that delivers your company’s image, ensuring credibility and persuading a prospect client to use your business to satisfy his need. 

Training Video

Create presentations to your staff that save time and money on training and education. The focus is to establish a personal connection with staff and to get the organization more productive and employees to use the best practice standards, improve safety and set the pace in a business.

Induction Video

This type of presentation is the best way to introducing new employees to the corporate image and diversity of your business. It however does not have a place in a small personal business environment and is only suited for companies that have over 150 staff members which is distributed across the country.

Safety Video

In any industrial or primary/secondary sector business there is an element of safety to be considered, especially when you have visitors and contractors visiting your construction-site, factory or plant.  Safety videos ensure that visitors are informed about safety procedures.

Product Video

If your product is too big to carry around your solution is a product video that can demonstrate it working in specific environments. This is the solution to any business with a wide range of products and machinery that can’t fit into a boardroom. Video will illustrate your product in the most effective and interactive media available.

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