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Video Production Company - Choose the right production studio for you

Finding and hiring a video company for your business can be risky for a small business owner. 

By following these considerations when choosing a producer you will know that your getting the right quality.

Finding the right production team for you

  1. Determine the size of the production you need. Find a production company that suits your budget and is up to the task of delivering what you need.

    Large production companies have multiple studios sound stages, editing suites and a large staff. They are very experienced and produce fantastic results but at a considerable price tag. These production houses specialize in creating broadcasting content like, game shows, documentaries est.   Often they are unable to service a business because they cannot accommodate a small budgets for training or induction presentations.

    The next group is a smaller full-time production company like ourselves. Medium and large sized businesses are the core of our clientele.  Businesses like us have a in-house editing suites and our own camera.  We keep video projects as lean as possible, and deliver the best possible quality for the money being paid. With a full time staff of three and the rest are contract crews on a per-project basis. This lowers the production cost for you.
    The Final category of video producers is part time, weekend-only videographers. There producers have a camera and a computer and want to make some extra money in their free time. They often underbid anyone ells in town, because they already have their full time job and extra money on the side is fine with them but them. But their ability to understand corporate, industrial, and commercial needs are limited at best. It often shows in the quality of their production.  “it just looks like really good quality homemade video”

    Choosing a medium-sized full time production company wil ensure you get the job done professionally and without hassle.

  2. Compare company demo reels.

    See who can give you what you want. Once you have determend the size of the video company to use its time to see who can deliver the best quality for your budget.  As you watch the demo reels and portfolios of various production companies pay attention not only to the image quality but also the camera movements, and audio quality.

  3. Determine the visual quality.  Find out in what format the production company can shoot.

    The producer should match the video format with what provides the best quality for your budget.  You will notice a drastic jump in quality from the medium sized production company that charges anything from R20 000 to R150 000 for productions in comparison to the part time producer that only charges R5-000 for a production. The quality is critical for corporate video’s where a professional look will represent your business far better that the “good quality homemade video” 

    For an employee training video, image quality will play a role and will still be critical. A good quality voice recording and professional script will make the training video an effective communication tool that you can utilize and offer to your clients when presenting a product that requires installation or maintenance.

Find our demo show reels on the following page: Video Production or Contact us and we will send you a DVD with examples of our work.

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