Ad-land Video Production Company

Electra Mining Expo

Every second year it is time for the Electra mining expo. Two years fly past us every time, and it always marks a very busy time for video producers like AD-Land that specialises in the mining and industrial markets.

Exhibitors at the Electra Mining expo make intensively use of video to lure the visitors into their exhibitions. Over the years we have picked up on some very strange trends in the videos that are displayed at the expo. There is at least one major production element to be avoided when producing a video for the show. We will make sure you avoid this critical mistake if you make use of our services.

AD-Land have over the last 10 years produced several videos that have been displayed at the expo and are more than qualified to produce your video or presentation that will have a longer lifespan than only the expo.

We believe that you need to distribute your DVD to potential clients at the expo and therefore deliver a comprehensive service that includes a professional DVD copy service.