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What file type is best for exporting your video?

File formats come in almost every letter of the alphabet.

But why all these formats?

Well basically because of the large amount of players out there also every file format has its own strengths and drawbacks. Even a few electronics companies decided to create their own formats (codec’s); example JVC has its own version of the mpg codec.  Every file format has its strengths and weaknesses ranging from image quality to the type of sound encoding used.

Here is a list of the most common formats and gives some pros and cons for each.

.avi: This is one of the first didgital forms of video.  .avi is basically uncompressed video. This meens .avi files are huge but still the most compatible format out there. The format is mostly used in the distribution of videos where compatibility is an issue.  

.wmv:  Is a Microsoft format that stands for windows media video.  .wmv files are small because of their high compression. This sacrifices quality to reduce size. A .wmv can only be played on a windows computer and a special player is required for Linux and apple computers. The format is widely used in emails and on the web because of its size but compatibility is an issue.  

.mov files:  .mov files are QuickTime codec movie files for the Apple pc’s. This file is widely used for the Ipod video but you need QuickTime to play it on a normal windows pc .mov files look great, but they are still very big. 

.flv is a flash video format and is the most popular format for the internet, the compression is very good and most internet browsers play it with the correct plug-in means it is a Flash video format.  This is an extremely common and popular format because it is small but still looks great. 

.mpg or MPEG2: .mpg is the file type used in your home DVD player. Most movies are outputted to mpg because of its good quality in sound and visuals. The compression rate can be adjusted to meat almost any requirements and there is even a High definition version. Also most home cameras record on mpg. The only problem is editing a mpg. The compression and copy write protection prohibits you from using it in most video editing software.

MPEG 4 is a format that produces tiny files that still look good.  Not as good as MPEG2, but they are so much smaller in size the trade off is worth it if you are mostly concerned with size, not high resolution.

In short, there is no best file format or codec’s but there is one that will meet your requirements.

Main page > Video Production