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Safety video - How you can increase safety in the work place

What a safety video will do for you.

Safety awareness and training is a big issue in south Africa, ensuring that a person’s work objectives is reliable and does not put himself or any of the other staff members at risk cost companies millions a year.

Ensuring that someone knows their responsibilities towards themselves and those around them and the proper use of equipment is essential for preventing incidents on site. Many companies have standards of operations and files filled with procedures that the employee only reads when he joins the organization.

This induction process focuses on many aspects of the work environment and does not stress the importance of a safe work environment.

Accident prevention is not a priority to a new employee and many old staff members ignore the basic procedures because they simply have forgotten why it was there in the first place.

So what is the solution?

A safety video, it demonstrates the correct use of equipment and uses visual and audio aids to emphasize the necessity of personal protective equipment.

The key safety video's every business should have:

  • Protective equipment for personal and their use.
  • Accident prevention, the steps that have to be taken to report an accident andthe investigation that follows.
  • The basic staff safety procedures that outline responsibilities.
  • The handling of material with fork-lifts, cranes and by hand.
  • Fire Prevention and extinguisher use.
  • Industrial machinery instructions that suite your environment.
  • Effective communication and identification of problems.

Construction sites, factories, plants and mines will have safety training manuals but the effectiveness of a peace of paper is questionable at best.  The purpose of the video is to motivate, inform and ensure that safety procedures are followed at all times. 

Safety records on mines and on large projects is a serious business. So make sure you have the best way to inform everyone on site.

AD-land produces effective safety training videos for your needs, adapting the orientation to your company’s environment. Increasing awareness and instilling better communication between staff and management.

The result is safe work habits. Visit our safety training page and view an example.

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