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Staff Training Videos

Staff training is one of the most expensive exercises your business has to undertake at regular intervals, where new employment results in intensive training and orientation of the new staff members to get them up to speed and working efficiently.

This takes up the time of the human resources and executives having to repeat this process with every new employee. Repeating the same information over and over, Video is the perfect solution to this problem.

It is the perfect format for training individuals or groups. In a world of visual communication it makes sense to utilise video productions for training purposes. It is an easy and affordable way to deliver a program with more impact than paper, whilst engaging the viewer and demanding his full attention.
Quality video is convincing, contains much more detailed information and can be duplicated for distribution. The strength in training with video lies in its ability to be reused at any time. Delivering your message wherever and whenever you deem necessary without cost or waste of time.

AD-land Productions offer clients the opportunity to develop quality custom training DVD’s and induction videos. We meet your needs and budget to offer you videos that impact your employees.
Custom orientation video for your training needs focusing on delivering high quality videos that will help you achieve your goal.

See Training Video samples

We have Training Videos online. If you are looking for a training or induction video give us a call on 011 7952876 or write us an email

Main page > Video resources