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Training staff makes a difference in your live and organization, by facilitating change, introducing new ideas and providing instructions for people, Training videos literally helps your organization work better from within. In essence, it is an investment in your people, their safety, and level of education

No matter what industry you are in training videos will help you, from construction to commerce, manufacturing, government, healthcare and even in educational environments like training centres and universities.  Passing on need to know information, procedures, and protocols of your business, industry, or organization.

Ad-land Productions specialise in producing training videos for safety, induction, and educational purposes. Established in 1994 we have been producing training videos for the industrial and commercial sector for over 10 years. We understand that a training video should focus on the audience its intended for. Connecting with them in their own language by utilising sound and visual imagery to communicate key points of your message to them and making sure at the end of the video, they are ready to face the challenges of their work place in a safer, more productive way.

How we set about creating a Training video
Every production is tailor made for the client’s specific needs, it is our job to facilitate the client and deliver to his expectations. We have highlighted a few elements that change with every client such as the location, the script, and the objective.
When first deciding to create a training video the key objectives of the video has to be established.

What must the video accomplish? The introduction of new staff, improving safety within a factory, new instructions from managements. Every video must have a goal to reach without it the money spent producing it will go to waste and nothing will be accomplished.   Read more

How we write a script? There is a fair amount of planning and research that has to be done to write a script, once the objective of a video has been established our script writer requests the needed information from the client and starts writing out a well structured script. A script focuses on explaining what is on screen and how to accomplish the set objectives.

On location. Managing the days on location is a team effort and takes some co-ordination from the client, his workers, and the production company. Using studios and actors or of-site location for filming is more expensive and very time consuming. We feel that doing a production on site is a better option because staff can relate to the people in the video and as a result grow as a group.

Main page > Video Production