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Why do companies need videos?

There are probably as many answers to this question as there are decision makers in the world. My honest opinion is that you have to answer the question with what your objectives, problems and target market are. The best thing to do is to leave the need for ego boosts out of this process.

Objectives: Most companies have objectives in areas like selling, training, promotion, public relations, and safety. Deciding which media to use to convey your message, you will most probably find that a good balanced mix will always work the best. The budget and benefits of each media will dictate what choices need to be made.

Video is a highly visual media, and second only to live demonstrations. It can work in virtually any circumstances, but it’s working at its best when things start to move. There is no better way to show potential customers, new employees, boards of directors or potential investors the scope of your business, product or idea than a well structured video.

Problems: Videos can solve many problems for trainers, marketers and executives. Maybe you can think of a better example that is more applicable to your situation, but the following example explains exactly the point. If you have a product or service that:

Uses heavy machinery weighing several tons,

Are operated in remote areas, for example 3000 metres underground, or in another country or continent,

Will take a day or more out of a customer’s life to demonstrate.

Of what other media, other than video can you think of, will show all the benefits of the product in 5 – 10 minutes, as if you were there? And the beauty is, it can be shown tomorrow and the day after and …….

Many decision makers do not have the time to waste on lengthy demonstrations. It make the decision making process so much easier if you can show them exactly what your product or company can do, right in their office. A properly structured video might just swing the scale in your favour, given that all the other factors like price, service and after sales care are optimised.

I cannot think of any other media that will do better, in the abovementioned example, than the full scope of moving picture, video, animation or related electronic media, if you can, please let me know.

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At AD-land we have one philosophy we adheres to, if you put your mind to it, you can do it, if you can't, get an associate that can.

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